Packing Tips

At Outside the Box we know moving can be time consuming and stressful which is why our professional staff of coordinators, drivers and packers work around the clock to make your experience as easy and stress free as possible.


A few tips on planning your move:
Moving Box

  • Pack items you don’t use often firstsmall_moving_boxes-300x225
  • Start packing as soon as you know you are moving
  • Do not pack any flammable materials
  • Use plenty of packing paper to provide cushioning
  • List contents and room they belong to on box
  • Use professional packing tape
  • Clearly mark ‘Fragile’ on box

A few tips on packing:
Fine China: Wrap China in blank newsprint paper, wrap each piece individually and then secure three to a pack with a double newsprint wrap. Be sure to fill the empty space with crumbled newsprint to minimize displacement within the box.

Stemware: Wrap individually with newsprint paper inserted into the goblet and around the stem. Each goblet is cushioned by a thick wrapping and placed stem up in a specially tiered dishpak.

Lamp Shades and Bases: Handle lampshades by their wire frames alone and place in carton lined with newsprint paper. Shades can be nestled inside each other as long as they are separated by paper.

Stereos and Electronics: If possible, pack electronics in their original packaging. If original boxes are not available, electronics can be placed in moving boxes however be sure to use plenty of bubble wrap, newsprint paper and cushioning.

Mirrors and Glass: Wrap pictures and mirrors with generous amounts of paper and plenty and cushioning. Place in a flattened packing or telescoping carton. Once properly taped stand picture or mirror on their edge, never flat on the ground.